Water Cop Flood Sensor Dual Probe


Water Cop Flood Sensor Dual Probe


Wireless WaterCop Sensor, with Dual Probes to allow for one sensor for two water sources that are close to one another. Newly redesigned WaterCop Classic flood sensors are placed in areas that are susceptible to leaks such as water heaters, washing machines, ice makers/refrigerators, sinks and toilets. When water contacts the sensor, a wireless signal is sent to the WaterCop Classic shut-off valve installed on the main water supply to close and stop the flow of water to the leak point. WaterCop Classic sensors communicate only with the WaterCop Classic shut-off valve. Sensors require two (2) ‘AA’ batteries or optional WPA power adapter to operate. To increase wireless range, order WPR repeater.

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Weight 1 lbs