WaterCop LeakStopPlus Single-Point Leak Detection, 1/2 In

WaterCop actuator and lead free ball valve

This picture shows the Watercop actuator and valve. When notified by a sensor or your remote switch, WaterCop will turn "off" your home water system. Water damage avoided before it starts!
wall switch

Wall Switch

The remote wall switch is placed in a convenient location. You can turn off your entire water system any time you want to. Turning your water back on is just as easy. You will love the feel of the WaterCop soft touch switch. The lights glow red or green to show you the position of the valve.

typicl installation


Notice in this installation picture the location of the WaterCop actuator and valve. They are installed down stream from the regulator and hand operated shut-off valve. 
auto dialer Home Flood Prevention


As an option you can receive a recorded phone call to inform you your water valve has been turned off. Up to four numbers and up to four calls to each number. The emergency has been handled by WaterCop. The message is just to bring you up to date. A great feeling! You quite possibly avoided tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage.
installation worker - Home Flood Prevention


All of Home Flood Prevention employees are highly trained professionals. They are provided the best materials and tools to complete your job as quickly as possible while giving you a quality trouble free system. 

Our company, Home Flood Prevention, can protect your home against sudden and accidental water leaks.

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